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With the huge depth of skills we offer, our services are designed to handle every aspect of your online presence, from restructuring the backend of your operations to generating a constant flow of sales or leads. This will all be achieved as part of our unified approach to scale your business faster than you could ever have imagined. As your extended team member, we go above and beyond to deliver long term results so you can focus on running your business.

Management Team


Chief Executive Officer

Having started his own online leather business with his brother whilst studying for his degree at University, Alexander quickly realised the power of digital marketing. Following a series of mentorships, Alexander developed pioneering techniques to generate sales online. This led to him founding one of the first 4G hosting companies in the world. With a team of just three he grew this business to in excess of 8,000 clients across 34 countries in less than six months. This subsequently resulted in the sale of the company to an Israeli-based technology firm. Starting with the same original team, Alexander founded Frontpage Digital, to help other businesses scale their operations. He enjoys helping companies grow from the early stages to an international level, as well as helping to streamline existing business processes through automation.


Chief Operating Officer

After graduating from the University of Oxford with a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Lucinda's career started in institutional fund management for a large Investment Bank. Following this, she worked in Sports Promotion for 12 years. She served as a Main Board Director of one of the UK’s largest Charitable Foundations for 15 years and has been on the board of another UK based charity. Since joining the Frontpage management team, Lucinda holds overall responsibility for account and project management, to ensure that all clients enjoy the highest standards of customer care at all times. Lucinda is also involved in our rigorous recruitment process for Frontpage’s rapidly growing team of account managers, content writers, PPC analysts and PHP developers.


Chief Technical Officer

Sami taught himself how to code at just 12 years old, and is the technical genius behind Frontpage’s development services. As one of the founding members of the Frontpage management team, he has played a crucial role in building our technical infrastructure and our backend automation processes. As well as having a degree in Electrical Engineering, Sami has extensive knowledge of several code languages including Python, Java, HTML and PHP. He is also a keen photographer and has over 8 years of experience working with photoshop, as he has scrupulous attention to detail. Sami is responsible for all technical project management and is a firm believer that with enough work, anything is possible!


Chief Financial Officer

Ed is a Chartered Accountant by training and Entrepreneur by inclination. He is also an author, having written a book on business management. Ed has worked with many companies over nearly half a century, both for himself and in an advisory role for clients. As the Chief Finance Officer of Frontpage, Ed has been a vital part of the management team from the outset. With his huge depth of knowledge of so many industries, he has worked with our development team to help create our unparalleled B2B lead generation service. This service continues to provide phenomenal results for our clients. Ed also enjoys a hands on approach to business management and will often help Frontpage’s clients improve their own business models, so that they can achieve the very best results from our service.

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